Posted by: JC Gatlin | February 12, 2010

Understanding Cause & Effect

The Cause & Effect Analysis includes conducting an Affinity Diagram and asking 5-Whys on a Fishbone to, ultimately, determine the root causes. To begin the Cause & Effect Analysis, you must start with a clearly defined  Point of Cause.

Determine all the factors contributing to the Point of Cause through a brainstorming exercise called the “Affinity Diagram.”

Step 1.

Give every member of the PDCA Group an opportunity to express the reasons he or she  sees creating or contributing to the Point of Cause.  Do this by allowing each person to “brainstorm” as many ideas as possible, then write each separate idea on an individual Post It note.

IMPORTANT: There are no bad or wrong ideas. Do not discount anything.

Step 2.

Collect everyone’s single pages and sort like ideas together. Give similar ideas one title or consolidated statement.

Step 3.

Begin the fishbone analysis. Each title (or consolidated statement) will become one leg on the fishbone.

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