Posted by: JC Gatlin | February 21, 2010

Top 10 Signs that you’re Mountain Jumping

10. You start a PDCA with the Counter Measure in mind.

9. The PDCA doesn’t include any data or facts.

8. The Fishbone (5-Why Analysis) has only one leg on it.

7. The Goal Statement includes the counter measure.

6. Someone in the PDCA Group says, “It’s got to be…” or “We must…”

5. A “Manager” pushes a counter measure to be implemented.

4. A “correction” or “improvement”  is made without working a PDCA.

3. You think the “solution” is obvious.

2. You think a PDCA will take too long.

1. You think THIS problem doesn’t need a PDCA.

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  1. well i guess i would say, how do they know that it is the best solution to the problem. how would they know if there isn’t a better solution to the problem. without working out the PDCA they can’t find the best solution to the problem. The chances that they will be back with the same problem as before is probly very high considering they didn’t take the time to work it out and make sure that the solution they came up with will realisticly work will all the factors that surround the problem.

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