Posted by: JC Gatlin | April 1, 2010

PDCA of the Month – “Damaged Signage” – March 2010

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  1. […] PDCA of the Month – “Damaged Signage” – March 2010 « Lean Homebuilding […]

  2. This was a very good PDCA and the Sales Professionals who put it together did a great job. I think the next step is standardizing the process. Maybe the PDCA group needs to think about how to roll it out to all the communities and then ensure that the standard is being followed.

  3. Excellent use of visuals to demonstrate PDCA!

  4. I 2nd chad’s comment! Good job rae, judy, and marlene! It was very well noticed that there was alot of time and effort involved in this PDCA, and was very well presented! Congrads on getting the best PDCA of the month!

  5. That PDCA came together extremely well. Job well done in finding a very hidden, but very real cost and finding a way to minimize it. Nice Job!

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