Posted by: JC Gatlin | April 12, 2010

5 things you’re doing to help sales in your community (and 5 things you’re doing that you really shouldn’t)

What is your Sales Professional saying about you?

Have you ever talked to a Sales Counselor from a competing homebuilder about their sales/construction dynamic? I heard some interesting (if not disturbing) stories lately — such as one Sales Counselor telling me that her superintendent has absolutely no contact whatsoever with the homebuyer. Another Sales Counselor was telling me that her “builder” was cutting construction costs by skimping on the lot scrape. The homebuyers in her community have rebar and broken concrete block littered like landmines just under the sod, and popping up at the most inconvenient times.

It made me appreciate the Sales Professional/Construction Professional relationship in our company. It also got me to thinking – and asking our Sales Professionals — about “what works right, and where do we need to improve?” Needless to say, our Sales Professionals had a lot to say on both subjects:

Let’s start with the don’ts.  These are things we’re doing that’s making sales tougher in our community.

5 actions that hurt sales

5. “A lot of times when prospects walk into the model home when the Construction Manager is sitting at the computer, he doesn’t get up from his desk or say anything. I know he’s busy, but it leaves an awkward impression when he doesn’t at least acknowledge guests that come into the model.”

4. “A lot of times, my Construction Manager doesn’t shave for three or four days and wears Nikes instead of construction boots. I know he’s a home building expert, but his appearance sometimes says otherwise.”

3. “It’s hard to talk about our quality building when there’s nails, stucco band snips, cigarette butts, wire mesh, wood scraps, and Tyvek snips all over the homesites — especially on weekends. I brought a couple into a home at frame stage last Saturday and there was a drawing on the top sheet of the stacked drywall, and the only good thing I can say about it is that at least it was anatomically correct.”

2. “My Construction Manager always takes the ‘prime’ parking spot in the model parking lot. I really shouldn’t have to explain why that’s bad.”

1. “If there’s one thing he should never, ever do — that’s go #2 in the model bathroom. It smells and guests make funny faces. And while we’re on the subject — put the seat down after going #1.”

Now, on the flip side, these are the things that we’re doing right, and keeping the Sales/Construction partnership in sync.

5 actions that help sales

5. “Once a week, my Construction Professional walks the model home with me and makes little paint touch-ups and changes light bulbs. He makes the model look like a dream home.”

4. “I can’t thank my Construction Professional enough for putting out and picking-up the road directionals and signage to the model. It keeps me from getting dirty, sweaty and muddy just before I have to open the model.”

3. “My Construction Professional asks me to review the homes in construction every Friday so they look their best for potential weekend showings. He also goes over what’s in the homes and the construction advantages so that I can explain them when I show the houses.”

2. “We call each customer under contract once a week together. When he’s on the call to explain any delay or to answer construction-related questions, it gives the Homebuyer a confidence in us as a team and the company as a whole. It also keeps me from having to say, ‘let me get back to you!‘” 

1. “The best thing my Construction Professional does — and this is why I would never want to build with anyone else — is he gets involved and participates when we host an event. Prospects are quicker to make a decision when they actually meet and get to talk to the person who will actually be building their home. Plus Realtors love meeting the Construction Manager.”

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  1. Nice blog Jc! I to have heared somethings that are unheard of here at Inland Homes. We surely shine compared to some other builders in the market. However there will always be room for improvement no matter how great we are and become. After reading this, I think when i get back into the field again I will try to treat sales like my on the job spouse, or little brothers in some cases. For me i believe looking at it in that perspective will help me keep it in mind. thanks JC!

  2. As always, very entertaining. The Construction Professional in this day and age is asked to do and be more of a ‘Salesperson’ than ever. In a Buyers market the smallest details can make the difference; clean jobsite, pleasant personality, consistent contact, being proactive. The Sales Professionals count on the Construction Professional to both make a good first impression on prospects and to also help keep the future homeowners happy throughout the process.

  3. Remember, it doesn’t matter what industry you SAY you are in ( ie construction, medical, etc) as long as you KNOW you are in the HOSPITALITY industry.

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