Posted by: JC Gatlin | April 18, 2010

The Gemba: What’s actually happening versus what should be

Here’s a little test: Count the number of passes the white team makes to see how accurate you are.

The purpose of this video is to get you to watch out for cyclists (a good cause). But  it also points out how the hustle and distractions of your job — in this case counting the number of passes made by the white team — can make it really difficult to see an anomoly and any deviation from the standard.

For a Lean Construction Professional, a big part of your job is just stepping back and observing. It’s the first step in problem solving , and the most crucial step in improving your jobsite.

Schedule time to “walk the Gemba” and just observe. See what’s actually happening compared to what should be happening. You may be surprised by what you find…

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  1. Great example. This video should be shown at the next Construction and Sales Meetings to emphasize the importance of handling the unknown and staying on task. Smart think is what should be happening versus what’s actually happening. That think can’t leave the daily agenda (to-do list).

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