Posted by: JC Gatlin | July 18, 2010

Workarounds: There’s got to be an easier way

A workaround is a method, sometimes used temporarily, for achieving the desired goal when the standard method isn’t working. Needless to say, workarounds create waste, as demonstrated in these two videos.

In the first one,  we see Honda Accord parts interacting with each other similar to a Rube Goldberg machine. But in the end, you gotta believe there’s an easier way of shutting the back hatch…

The second video is a parody of the Honda commercial. This is motion waste to the nth degree.

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  1. If the objective was to close the hatch, lots of waste; however if the objective was to capture your focus so that you actually saw the car, then mission accomplished.

  2. True… marketing smarts! I love this commercial.

  3. Good fun. I really wonder if that was a a great commercial for Honda. Would love to see the data. Not sure it highlights the car though. It was fun but the parody was even funnier.

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