Posted by: JC Gatlin | July 26, 2010

So you went to a Trade Show. Now what?


You got out of town. You walked the convention center and visited all the exhibitor booths. You got a bag-load of pens, brochures and marketing give-aways. You sat through a workshop or two. And you probably handed out your business card – a lot.

But now that it’s over – what’s next?

Follow-up on the PDCA’s you’re working on. Did you find any new answers or possible counter measures? Can we improve the home building system or eliminate waste? 

Compare what you’ve learned and collected with the objectives on your annual A3. Are there any opportunities for improvement?

Share the knowledge. Talk about what you learned at the next Sales or Construction meeting.

Take action. Don’t wait for someone else to do it. If you see an opportunity for improvement, take it upon yourself to improve the process, move the system forward, make it more efficient and streamlined. Do your homework, investigate and work the PDCA. That’s why it’s called “continuous improvement.” 

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  1. A couple things that have worked well for me.

    1) When you go to a exhibition show you must go with a list of a couple problems you ar looking to solve. You will be amazed at what you find when you go with a purpose.

    2) When we visit another site or attend some trainng session we have a saying “leave 3, take 3”. The idea is to leave 3 ideas or opportunites for the host to improve. Alos, you must be 3 ideas back to your organization that you can implement.

    Learning is critical to improvement but it does need to be supported. So when people return you have to ask them what they learned and how they are going to implement that idea in your oganization.

    Tim McMahon
    A Lean Journey

  2. I think this is important – so much money is spent on conferences and trade shows, and very little to show for it.

    I provided some advice here:

    The most important though is to identify your learning needs, or at least some of the problem statements that you are looking for solutions for, BEFORE you go. Don’t wait to the end – go in with a plan.

    By the way, I love the “I got a rock” cartoon – classic!

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