Posted by: JC Gatlin | August 8, 2010

You can’t clone yourself… but you can use The Standardization Checklist

The frequent break-down in the PDCA cycle is “standardization.” Getting every community to adopt a process improvement so that we’re all performing an action the same way has been challenging, to say the least.

Short of cloning, there are some steps the PDCA group should take to standardize their improvement. Granted, you probably won’t carry out every action on this checklist, but hitting the four main points in bold will strengthen the success of your counter measures.

  • Publicize the Improvements (Get the Word Out)
    • Write an email that goes out to everyone affected by the new process
    • Post an announcement on the Teammate Site Intranet home page
    • Discuss your PDCA and its improvements during the next Construction or Sales Meeting
    • Pick-up the phone and verbally tell the Teammates affected by the improvement about the new standard
  • Update the Reference Tools
    • Standardized Work Instruction Sheet
    • Value Stream Map
    • Scopes of Work
    • Building Partner, Market Partner or Homeowner Contracts
    • The Company System Standards
  •  Develop an Education Plan
    • Conduct a jobsite or model home workshop going over the improvement and how to implement
    • Create a presentation for an upcoming Sales or Construction Meeting
    • Host a web conference to go over the improvement
    • Add or Update New Teammate education materials
  •  Determine your Follow-up Plan
    • Set dates to check if the standardization is correcting the problem
    • Strategize how you will check (community audit, review of house files, teammate poll, etc.)
    • See how many people or communities are following the new standard
    • Decide how you will close the gap, if you find one

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