Posted by: JC Gatlin | December 8, 2010

PDCA of the month – “Knowledge Waste” – November 2010

Some people call “Knowledge Waste” the 8th Waste, and this PDCA is great example of that.

A series of model home flyers detailing specific features and upgrades were created by the Advertising Agency in 2006. The flyers were printed and displayed in all the model homes at the time…. and then that’s as far as anyone took it. Now, flash forward to the end of 2010, and only one model home is still displaying them. That entire process was virtually forgotten until a new Sales Professional asked, “Why does that model home have flyers and mine doesn’t?”

The new Sales Professional standardized the model home flyers, making it her first opportunity to use PLAN-DO-CHECK-ADJUST. Through standardization, we eliminate Knowledge Waste — which is why this PDCA get’s marked “PDCA of Month.”

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  1. So what exactly is “Knowledge Waste?” Your post doesn’t really explain what it is.

    • The best way to describe “Knowledge Waste” is “reinventing the wheel.” When time, energy and resources are put into solving a problem, standardizing a process, or implementing an improvement — but nothing about it is remembered later down the road, we’ve basically lost that knowledge. We’re not learning or improving, we’re just spinning our wheels.

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