Posted by: JC Gatlin | January 12, 2011

Go with a Purpose… Return with a Plan

It’s that time of the year again: The International Builder’s Show is in Orlando!

Conventions are more than just an opportunity to register for a few giveaways.  It’s an opportunity to find some answers to a few of those recurring problems that keep plaguing your jobsite and schedule. But you need to go prepared.  

Carry a problem list with you while you walk the exhibits or sit through workshops. This will keep you focused looking for products that will actually provide real — and needed — improvements.  Rather than get distracted at every booth. (Seems like every product and service looks amazingly cool inside the exhibit hall. I don’t know it if it’s the lighting or what….)

If you go with a purpose, you’ll return with a plan. So, update your PDCA projects as soon as you get back. Implement the improvement s and share what you’ve learned.

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