Posted by: JC Gatlin | January 19, 2011

Take Control: Prioritize your Problem List

 “We rate ability in men by what they finish, not by what they attempt.” — Unknown

That’s the main reason at the end of the month when we add up our Continuous Improvement Score, only those PDCA projects that have implemented counter measures or follow-up are counted. All those projects (and there’s a bunch of them) that disappear into the blackness of the Elephant Graveyard are irrelevant. They were a waste of time.

Going into each week, take stock of the problem solving projects you’re juggling. Categorize and prioritize as A, B or C.

“A Problems” require immediate attention this week.  A’s are also PDCAs with counter measures that must be implemented or any PDCA where you’re the group leader. A’s are your priority, so limit your A’s to just a couple of projects so that you can knock them out.

The “B Category” is for those problems that you need to get to as soon as possible. As soon as you complete an A PDCA, then pick a problem from the B list.

Finally your C category has all the problems or waste that you see but just don’t have the time to address right now.  Some of these problems are anomalies or aren’t recurring, so your focus isn’t on it right now. Others are probably symptoms of A and B problems. Also, any PDCA that requires follow-up in a few months get categorized a C so that it stays on your radar.

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