Posted by: JC Gatlin | January 23, 2011

Make Lean Headway with a Building Partner Council

Home builders who are actually making headway in eliminating recurring building errors and reducing jobsite waste have one thing in common: They have an established “Building Partner Council” that engages the Trades and Subcontractors in their Lean movement.

A Building Partner Council can pay off with a host of benefits for the home builder — improved jobsite cleanliness, schedule adherence and cycle time. However, there may be even more benefits for participating Building Partners — reduced trade-on-trade damage, reduced punch lists & return trips, improved jobsite readiness, eliminate blue print inaccuracies. Why? The Building Partner Council focuses on strengthening communication between the home builder and the Building Partners and, more importantly, between the Building Partners themselves.

It’s the opportunity for the electrician to really tell the AC guy how he feels about their crews (Politely and respectfully, of course). Tell the home builder about that one community with chronic scheduling errors resulting in dry-runs. Speak-up about those prints with the inaccurate measurements. Talk about how to reduce wasted materials and eliminate excessive punch lists.

For the Home Builder, it sets-up an ongoing opportunity to address community management issues (parking on one side of the road, anyone?) and to really delve into recurring problems that slow down the schedule. (Once again, caulk the windows and exterior penetrations…)

Not going to lie to you. It’s not going to be easy. And for most builders, their “Trade Partner Councils” fizzle out in the first year. For us to succeed, it’s going to take a concentrated effort, cooperation and ongoing dedication to make it work.

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