Posted by: JC Gatlin | February 3, 2011

PDCA of the Month – “Recurring Caulking Issue” – January 2011

I don’t know if this is really “case closed” as the Plan-Do-Check-Adjust Presentation suggests, but they’ve certainly made an improvement.

Like any good PDCA project, this one included all the players — the jobsite Construction Professional, the Painter (who was experiencing a problem) and the window installer (who was inadvertently causing a problem). The team worked together to get to the root causes — in which both the window installer and the Construction Professional accepted culpability. Most of our presentations don’t include the 5-Why Fishbone Analysis, especially the ones I’ve posted online. But this one clearly shows us each group member’s perspective.

It’s well done. It addresses First Time Quality. And, hopefully it is “case closed,” but really does require a Check in six weeks or so to see if the problem is truly eliminated.

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