Posted by: JC Gatlin | February 20, 2011

5 Grass Roots Marketing Kaizens to Drive Traffic

A lean homebuilder understands the power and importance of grassroots marketing, over expensive, traditional marketing campaigns. It’s the only way to compete with all those national builders with the deep pockets.

The key behind grassroots marketing is to connect with the community on a simple — and often fun & creative level. It’s all about using your imagination to get the word out!

Here are 5 Grass Roots Marketing Kaizens that we’re using to drive traffic to our communities and promote our Available Homes.

1. Find community bulletin boards

Kaizen: “I found 8 local businesses including a grocery store and Starbucks and 2 local libraries that have a community bulletin board. I’m posting a flyer on all those bulletin boards.” Results: “Walk in traffic has increased and I’ve had a couple of people actually walk in the model with the flyer I had posted. Every Friday I go to each one of those places and post a new flyer so there’s constantly a new message getting out there.”

2. Use flyer displays in local restaurants

Kaizen: “There’s 15 local restaurants that agreed to let me set-up a flyer in an acrylic display stand. Depending on the store, they’re either on the check-out counter or on top the “Thank You” waste cabinet next to the door.” Results: “These restaurants have hundreds of people coming in and out of them daily. Now times that by 15 and over a thousand people a day are seeing the flyer for my inventory home.”

3. Get creative with community amenities

Kaizen: “My community has a beautiful, fenced dog park in this neighborhood, so I contacted the Mixed Breed Dog Club of America about holding a dog show in the park. The MBDC did all the marketing and promotion and we sponsored the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prices, and we grilled hot dogs and hamburgers. It was a great Saturday afternoon event.” Results: “We had over 50 people attend the dog show and I scheduled 3 appointments that week. Now I’m organizing a scavenger hunt in the nature trail with a local church group.”

4.  Trade advertising with local businesses

Kaizen: “I’m trading advertising with a local laundry & dry cleaning chain. I printed door hangers promoting a special incentive for their customers and the dry cleaner is hooking them on clothes they’re returning to their customers. In return, I’m handing out a flyer and coupon to their stores with the floor plan collaterals that I give each prospect.”   Results: “In the month since I started this promotion, I’ve had 8 calls and 5 walk-in visitors telling me that they heard about my community through their dry cleaner.”

5.  Get involved in local events

Kaizen: “The large home expos at the convention center become more and more expensive every year, and because of the competition, seem to produce fewer results. That’s why I started focusing on local events, such as the Special Olympics at the nearby school, the Renaissance Fair at the park, and the championship little league tournament.” Results: “Setting up a simple table to hand out flyers and a few promotional items has produced more phone calls than a home expo ever did, and it’s a fraction of the cost.”

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