Posted by: JC Gatlin | February 27, 2011

Stop helping your competition sell their homes

There’s a reason we call our model homes our “store fronts;” it’s where you sell quality, value and a potential lifestyle in your homes and community.  On any given weekend, home shoppers compare your store front with the store fronts of the builder across the street and the builder down the road.  And, they’re looking for an excuse to eliminate your model home from their list. Don’t give your competition any advantages.

  • Sort out all the “junk” in the sales center — whether that’s your inventory of “Available” signage, old flyers, or customer files. Don’t let your sales office look like a tornado hit it. Don’t allow your model home’s garage to become a storage unit.
  • Set everything in order. Label where flyers and brochures go. Organize appropriate locations for your collaterals, signage inventory and cleaning supplies.
  • Showcase your model and sales center –both inside and out. The carpet should always look freshly vacuumed. The landscaping must “pop.” The entry way can’t have any stains, dirt or bugs. This means sweep and shine, every day.
  • Standardize how you will keep your model home and sales center a notch above the competition. Use a checklist to keep your model in “Showcase” condition. And if it helps, divide responsibilities with your Construction Manager and Sales Partner – if he’ll keep the signage in order, you’ll always keep the front entryway looking sharp and inviting.
  • Sustain the discipline. I know, it’s easier said than done. What’s worse, because you’re in that model  home and sales center day in and day out, it’s really tough to see what kind of first impression it’s making. So find what motivates you to keep your model home looking better than the builder’s across the street. Then you’ve got to keep that momentum going. Get honest feedback from a fresh set of eyes. Ask Realtors to grade it. Or, sometimes the biggest motivation is to actually walk the model homes of your competition.

Just keep this in mind: That builder across the street is always gaining on you, with a greener lawn, cleaner windows, a brighter entryway, and a better decorated, more enticing model home. You’re both selling to the same buyers — don’t make their job easier.

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