Posted by: JC Gatlin | March 3, 2011

PDCA of the Month – “Dirt Piles” – February 2011

This problem has plagued our communities for years, and every year it seemed like someone would attempt to adress it. But each attempt fizzled out and disappeared somewhere in the elephant graveyard.

Last month, another Construction Professional tackled it from a fresh perspective. First, he tied the problem to wasted money, which gives the Plan-Do-Check-Adjust cycle that much more strength and impact. (Not to discount the motion and over-processing waste, or the negative impact on the customer experience.) Plus he formulated counter measures that are simple and low cost (or in this case, no cost).

This one hasn’t proven to eliminate this recurring problem once and for all, but I’m really looking forward to the “Check & Adjust” phase.

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  1. Its a good example of creative solution, i hope to have many more people like JC working in my company. 🙂

    I assume counter measure is similar with correction plan/task.
    Is there really any different between this two ? JC

    • It sounds like a correction plan would be the same as a counter measure. In our company, when we were going through the Lean & Problem Solving Training with Honsha, they taught us to call our corrective actions “counter measures,” as they were bringing balance back to the process. They said to never call corrective actions a “solution” because that implies no need for the check and adjust steps.

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