Posted by: JC Gatlin | March 13, 2011

“Rewalk Meetings” sabatoge our reputation

In the closing process for most home builders, they provide a New Home Introduction (some call it an “Orientation” or “Walk Through”) followed by a Rewalk Meeting. It’s standard in the industry: the home buyers walk the home, put blue tape on defects, problems and corrections, then the builder fixes everything and “rewalks” the home with the buyers before the closing. In fact, within the industry, builders EXPECT the home buyer to find problems — and even sets-up their New Home Introduction with the expectation that this is the buyer’s  opportunity to find corrections.

Why would we do that?

For a lean homebuilder like us, we deliver the home 100% clean and complete at the New Home Introduction. In fact, to ensure the home is delivered at that standard, we have a 3rd Party Home Inspector walk the home to find any last minute touch-ups before we present it to the buyer.  So, if the buyer finds defects, problems or corrections at the New Home Introduction, it should feel like a slap to our ego. It’s a blow to our reputation.

But it happens.

Sometimes, because there’s a paint or drywall scuff. More often than not because we set the expectation that they’re going to find defects. In fact, we’re so certain of this, we actually pre-schedule a “Rewalk Meeting” at the same time we schedule the New Home Introduction. Have you ever heard of a self-fulling prophecy?

If you really believe in the quality of home you’re delivering and the competency of the Construction Manager who built it, set the proper expectation for the New Home Introduction, then schedule it without prepping the Buyer to have to return to double check your work.

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