Posted by: JC Gatlin | April 9, 2012

Jobsite Safety First… You can’t go back and fix a safety mistake

Let’s face it. Sometimes jobsite safety get’s overlooked to meet cycle time. Right or wrong, it happens.

But before quality, before cycle time, jobsite safety must come first.

If the quality slips, you can patch a little, spackle, repaint. If the cycle time slips, you can adjust the schedule, put in a few extra hours, work weekends, get caught up. But when safety slips, someone gets hurt and you cannot go back.

Watch — and protect — the people on your jobsites.

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  1. That really was new to me. Your blog is really a good source for things about Jobsite. Thanks, Jennifer!

  2. I have a standard opening statement for job site safety meetings:

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